Why Integra?

There are many persuasive reasons that our clients and employees choose Integra

We make every effort to meet your unique needs

We know every person has unique needs and preferences, so we actually listen to our clients and make every effort to provide exactly what they need.

Convenient locations

We have two convenient locations to make it easy to get to us: Lakeville and St. Paul.

Reliable staffing

We take extraordinary measures to assure that we’re able to meet the staffing needs of our clients, even during Covid-19 or when they need additional staffing. To recruit new caregivers, we reach out to various communities and we advertise heavily. We also reach out to our current employees and offer them additional hours.

Prompt personal support

We’re always here for our clients and caregivers. For example, we do our best to answer all phone calls within 3 rings.

State-of-the-art technology

We know that the latest technology allows us to serve our clients and caregivers better.

The unique app we created, which is GPS enabled, allows our clients and their families to see in real time when and where a caregiver started a shift, ended a shift, what services were performed, and how many authorized hours of service are remain. Since the number of available hours is often requested by our clients or their families, the app is especially valuable to them because the number is always current.

Previously, we had to do what many other agencies still do – mail a paper report. Of course, by the time it would arrive, it was often no longer a reflection of the current hours available.

The app also allows our employees to use their smartphones to clock in and clock out, view their assignments, and perform all charting.

Competitive wages and benefits

We offer all of our employees competitive wages and benefits PLUS other loyalty-building services. For example, we offer payment as convenient direct deposits to a bank account or debit card, a true ADP (automatic data processing) portal where they can easily download their paystubs and update their tax information. Employees also have electronic access to company policies, employment documents, and other forms.

For caregivers providing PCA Choice services, we offer paid time off (PTO) and holiday pay.

Why clients and caregivers prefer Integra

We recently completed a survey of our clients and employees. We asked the questions below, and they gave the following answers:

Client Questions & Answers

Employee Questions & Answers

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Listen to our clients talk about
the quality of our care

  • Jessica
    “My son’s caregiver makes every day special and fun, and we think she has gone beyond the needs of care for our son. He has improved so much on all he does. Our caregiver is great with my son and with his behaviors”
  • Margaret
    “My caregiver is the best caregiver around; she is kind, pleasant, and eager to do anything the client wants. She is so professional, she knows what I want to do and I do not have to tell her. There is nobody that will compare to her.”
  • Fredrick
    “My caregiver is “family” and has turned out to be like a brother to me more than I thought possible. He is a very caring person!”
  • Matt
    “I have been extremely blessed and lucky to have met my caregiver. Eight years ago he started working for me at my house and he has never disappointed me in any way”
  • The M. Family
    “Our son’s caregiver is an amazing individual and we don’t think she realizes how much of a contribution she makes to our family. Because of her, we are able to work, run errands, and get much-needed rest and life breaks that help replenish our family to do it all over again. She will always have a special place in our hearts.”
    The M. Family
  • Pennie
    “There is nothing Integra and its staff won’t do to answer all questions and be friendly and polite. All visits have been professional and beneficial. It is always nice to call Integra and have my call answered by someone. A live, caring and professional person is 100% better than a voice mail or “option” selection. If I need to leave a message for someone, they always call back quickly and that day. This is important to me.”
  • Kathi
    “I was listened to about my concerns and felt as though I was a person. I really like my caregiver as they are very willing to help me out.”
  • S Frances
    “I have been impressed by the quality and the dedication of the women Integra has sent me.”
    S Frances
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