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1What is a Personal Care Assistant (PCA)?

A Personal Care Assistant is also known as a caregiver, who provides care in the patient’s home, according to the recommendations of a Public Health Nurse and your Health Plan Provider.

The services a PCA may provide include bathing, grooming, dressing, meal preparation, behavior monitoring, mobility and light housekeeping.

The types of care and how many hours per day for which you qualify are determined by the Public Health Nurse.

The patient’s PCA cannot be:

  • A spouse
  • A recipient of home health services
  • The parent of a minor child
  • A corporate guardian
  • A step-parent
  • The responsible party
2Does Integra Health Care work with my health plan?

Currently, Integra Health Care works with Medical Assistance, Medica, Health Partners and Blue Plus/Blue Cross Blue Shield health plans. However, as these partnerships change from time to time, it is best to call our office for confirmation. We also provide services to persons with Waivered services through their county.

3How can I find out whether I’m eligible for personal care services?

You must be eligible for Medical Assistance. Please contact us or your local health agency to determine your eligibility.

You must be assessed by a Public Health Nurse in the County you live in to see if you need PCA services.

If you are the patient, you must be able to make decisions regarding your care or have a Responsible Party who can make decisions for you. For example, a minor child under the age of 18 or a person not able to make his or her own decisions due to a physical or mental disability requires a designated Responsible Party.

4Who can be my responsible party?

A Responsible Party is the formal designation for the person who will be making the health care decisions for the person requiring home health services. The requirements for a Responsible Party include:

Must be at least 18 years old Cannot be your PCA Must be available to the patient and the PCA and help to monitor care Must attend the Public Health Nurse Assessment and be prepared to sign any documents related to home health services.

5If I qualify to receive services, what is the next step?

Once you’re verified to receive services, we’ll begin the process of assigning a PCA who can best accommodate the needs of your loved one. All of our PCA’s must have the required training, complete our application materials, and pass our background check.

Integra will assign a Nurse Case Manager, who will visit you and, if required, train your PCA or PCAs to make sure your care needs are met. The Nurse Case Manager will also answer any questions you may have and make certain you’re happy with your services.

6What if we do not qualify for covered services?

If you do not qualify for covered services, Integra Health Care can arrangement a self-pay account. Please contact our office at (952) 985-0672 for details.

7Who are Integra PCAs?

All of our PCAs, also known as Caregivers, are employees of Integra Health Care and are bonded and insured.

Unlike some home health care agencies, we do not use outside contractors to provide our services. We use an in-house staff because doing so provides far greater quality control.

We also use our own employees as additional protection for you because we thoroughly screen our PCAs to ensure they meet our high standards.

The State of Minnesota goes to great lengths to ensure the protection of all workers within the state through strict requirements and regulations. We take great precautions to protect our clients from any violations of these requirements and regulations.

In addition:

  • Integra Health Care complies with the State of Minnesota’s Industrial Welfare Commission’s Order, which strictly regulates the wages, hours and working conditions of household occupations.
  • Integra Health Care provides all Minnesota Worker’s Compensation insurance to cover work related injuries for caregivers in your home.
  • Integra Health Care provides unemployment insurance for our caregivers to protect our clients from being charged with back fees in the event a caregiver were to file for unemployment

Integra Health Care withholds and pays the employer portion of all federal, state and local taxes, as well as files all of the relevant paperwork.

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  • S Frances
    “I have been impressed by the quality and the dedication of the women Integra has sent me.”
    S Frances
  • Kathi
    “I was listened to about my concerns and felt as though I was a person. I really like my caregiver as they are very willing to help me out.”
  • Pennie
    “There is nothing Integra and its staff won’t do to answer all questions and be friendly and polite. All visits have been professional and beneficial. It is always nice to call Integra and have my call answered by someone. A live, caring and professional person is 100% better than a voice mail or “option” selection. If I need to leave a message for someone, they always call back quickly and that day. This is important to me.”
  • The M. Family
    “Our son’s caregiver is an amazing individual and we don’t think she realizes how much of a contribution she makes to our family. Because of her, we are able to work, run errands, and get much-needed rest and life breaks that help replenish our family to do it all over again. She will always have a special place in our hearts.”
    The M. Family
  • Matt
    “I have been extremely blessed and lucky to have met my caregiver. Eight years ago he started working for me at my house and he has never disappointed me in any way”
  • Fredrick
    “My caregiver is “family” and has turned out to be like a brother to me more than I thought possible. He is a very caring person!”
  • Margaret
    “My caregiver is the best caregiver around; she is kind, pleasant, and eager to do anything the client wants. She is so professional, she knows what I want to do and I do not have to tell her. There is nobody that will compare to her.”
  • Jessica
    “My son’s caregiver makes every day special and fun, and we think she has gone beyond the needs of care for our son. He has improved so much on all he does. Our caregiver is great with my son and with his behaviors”
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