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Affordable Personal Care Services in Bloomington MN

Are you looking for constant full-time or part-time Personal Care Services in Bloomington City Mn or, home care service providers, specialists or general nursing services or the professionally experienced helping hands for your loved ones?

Well! If yes then, we proudly provide the seniors & the disables persons with the best Personal care services & whenever it comes to looking for Personal Care Services, you have to find the right Personal Care provider for yourself or for your loved ones.

And, we are very well aware of the fact that now the Family members are not always able to fulfil the essential needs of their aging parents or grandparents, especially when that particular person needs the special & constant assistance. Even, no one wants to shift their loved ones to the hospitals or the old age home when, there are other better alternatives available for them & that’s the reason why Integra Home Health Care has step in for providing the better care essential services to your loved ones.

Integra Home Health Care services have established itself as one of the most experienced Personal Care Companies in the industry as we focus on providing a level of professionally expertise, training & patient services which are unbeatable in the industry.

We provide the private & professional experienced personal care providers at the comfort of your home, where people are more comfortable, secure & also where they can easily lead-up their lives without any hesitation along with the proper assistance & care.

We are considered as the most reliable & convenient option for you as we provide your loved ones with the good amount of safety, security & quality of life.

Personal Care Services in Bloomington

Our People!

Our professionals are aware that it’s more than a care i.e. it’s about building a bond!

As we provide you with the best personal & companion care from the highly qualified & experienced caring persons & that’s what exactly you expect from us!

You will be getting with the better health, personal & home care which has been tested & screened eventually i.e. in the above context they will receive the better quality of personal care services at their doorstep.

We treat your loved ones with the similar care & affection you provide them from so long.

From the domestic assistance to the personal care aides, companions, homemakers, certified nurses or the professional helping hands, we provide you with the better assistance which will make the lives of your loved ones simple & joyful.

We provide your loved ones with the proper attention & the best care they needed.

Private Nursing & Personal Health Care

We will help you to enjoy the relaxed & calm night of sleep by getting surety that your loved ones is getting better amount of care & assistance they deserve.

Our personal nursing Services will help your loved ones to get better assistance & hands-on care which is needed to maintain a safe, independent & joyful lifestyle.

Whether you need the basic nursing assistance or a high-tech therapy, you can easily rely on our valuable services & also to provide healthcare professionals that is very well qualified to perform all the functions & tasks effectively & efficiently well in time.

Solution is always better than a Lip service

What is the use of saying “we are with you” and not doing anything in real terms to help the one you love?  That is absolutely what is going around & around from last couple of years & it is significant that we have to address every situation in a complete way.

We bring you with the professionally experienced, certified, and licensed & with the compassionate helping hands at your home who will save thousands of dollars per year.

We will act as the reliable saviours for your loved ones as from cleaning & dressing to the personal hygiene; your loved ones will receive the proper amount of assistance they deserve to get.

So, hire us! & we will be happy to assist you with the best quality services.

Call us (952) 985-0672 & get the best Personal Care Services in Bloomington City & also in the nearby areas right at the comfort of your home.


Home Care Services
“I have been impressed by the quality and the dedication of the women Integra has sent me.”

S Frances

“I was listened to about my concerns and felt as though I was a person. I really like my caregiver as they are very willing to help me out. ”


“There is nothing Integra and its staff won’t do to answer all questions and be friendly and polite. All visits have been professional and beneficial. It is always nice to call Integra and have my call answered by someone. A live, caring and professional person is 100% better than a voice mail or “option” selection. If I need to leave a message for someone, they always call back quickly and that day. This is important to me.”


“Our son’s caregiver is an amazing individual and we don’t think she realizes how much of a contribution she makes to our family. Because of her, we are able to work, run errands, and get much-needed rest and life breaks that help replenish our family to do it all over again. She will always have a special place in our hearts.”

The M. Family

Personal care services
“I have been extremely blessed and lucky to have met my caregiver. Eight years ago he started working for me at my house and he has never disappointed me in any way”


home health care
“My caregiver is “family” and has turned out to be like a brother to me more than I thought possible. He is a very caring person! ”


home care agency
“My caregiver is the best caregiver around; she is kind, pleasant and eager to do anything the client wants. She is so professional, she knows what I want to do and I do not have to tell her. There is nobody that will compare to her. ”


home health agency
“My son’s caregiver makes every day special and fun, and we think she has gone beyond the needs of care for our son. He has improved so much on all he does. Our caregiver is great with my son and with his behaviors”



To assist you with determining your care needs, our Home Care Coordinator, a Registered Nurse will visit with you or your family free of charge. This initial visit allows you to become familiar with our Home Health services as well as assist the Home Care Coordinator to identify your needs. The Coordinator is also available to develop a plan of action, choose appropriate caregivers, and coordinate all other aspects of care.

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