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Are you looking for reliable, quality PCAs? We have them.

Integra Health Care, Inc. has grown to a team of approximately 250 caregivers and support personnel who are dedicated to the same principles we established over fourteen years ago. Each day, they strive to provide the same level of compassionate care as a family member, but with the added expertise of a health care professional, all customized to the needs of our clients.

Our PCAs aren’t assigned – they are matched to your loved one to reflect the best possible fit. Our unique IntegraMatch© screening process requires each PCA to complete an extensive employment application, deep background check and multiple interviews. It is only after we have completed the interviews, background check and contacted references that we extend an offer to join our team. The process continues with a specific series of questions to “match” the best qualified PCA with the appropriate client.

Do you have you own PCAs? We will hire them

We offer:
$12.00 / Hour
Health Insurance
Paid time off
$18.00 / Hour Holiday pay
Direct deposit

Who we are . . .

Integra Health Care is a Personal (PCA) care and Home Making services provider since 2003. Through the use of dedicated staff, Integra Health Care, Inc. supports clients in maintaining optimum independence in their homes and the community. We value relationships. The quality of individual relationships between the people we serve and our staff is the foundation of successful outcomes. We believe that our clients have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, as well as staff members who provide the support and assistance.

How long we have been doing it . . .

In 2003, we were working as registered nurses while raising two special needs children. During that time, we became frustrated with the lack of dependable, efficient and professional home health care providers. Realizing that there were many families who were experiencing the same frustration, we started Integra Health Care to fill the void.

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Home Care Services
“I have been impressed by the quality and the dedication of the women Integra has sent me.”

S Frances

“I was listened to about my concerns and felt as though I was a person. I really like my caregiver as they are very willing to help me out. ”


“There is nothing Integra and its staff won’t do to answer all questions and be friendly and polite. All visits have been professional and beneficial. It is always nice to call Integra and have my call answered by someone. A live, caring and professional person is 100% better than a voice mail or “option” selection. If I need to leave a message for someone, they always call back quickly and that day. This is important to me.”


“Our son’s caregiver is an amazing individual and we don’t think she realizes how much of a contribution she makes to our family. Because of her, we are able to work, run errands, and get much-needed rest and life breaks that help replenish our family to do it all over again. She will always have a special place in our hearts.”

The M. Family

Personal care services
“I have been extremely blessed and lucky to have met my caregiver. Eight years ago he started working for me at my house and he has never disappointed me in any way”


home health care
“My caregiver is “family” and has turned out to be like a brother to me more than I thought possible. He is a very caring person! ”


home care agency
“My caregiver is the best caregiver around; she is kind, pleasant and eager to do anything the client wants. She is so professional, she knows what I want to do and I do not have to tell her. There is nobody that will compare to her. ”


home health agency
“My son’s caregiver makes every day special and fun, and we think she has gone beyond the needs of care for our son. He has improved so much on all he does. Our caregiver is great with my son and with his behaviors”